Orthodontist Or Dental Braces in Bhopal

Dental Braces are appliances made up of metal or ceramic brackets and are used to straighten teeth.

Dental Braces are installed by the dentist in your mouth to align your misaligned teeth.

Dental Braces comprises of wire(stainless steel or NiTi) & Brackets (metal/ceramic)  which as a whole attached to your teeth with some dental adhesives called composites.

Wires stay in bracket slots with the help of some elastics or without elastics.

Dental Braces comes under the specialty of Orthodontics so also known as Best Orthodontic Treatment in Bhopal.

We had many patients who don’t even laugh because they think that they have bad teeth. Some cannot even raise their eyes to talk or smile naturally.


 Early treatment can even help to change the way you breathe, lips position, improve your facial esthetics, your self confidence.

 By aligning teeth, changing how your teeth overlap (reducing overbite and overfed), which changes how your lip lay against your teeth. These are limitations to how much can be changed, which is why orthognathic surgery is done in conjunction with orthodontics.

Types Of Dental Braces in Bhopal

Metal Braces in Bhopal

These are made of high quality stainless steel and many orthodontists feel that they are most effective devices for straightening teeth, especially in cases where these may be severe misalignment. We prefer traditional metal braces for adults in most cases as they are very durable, highly used and fit the budget of most parents or adults with braces.

Ceramic Braces in Bhopal

These braces are almost tooth colored unlike the metallic braces that are not very pleasant to look at hence are more acceptable by patients. Ceramic braces for adults are fitted to the front of the teeth and match the color of one’s teeth. Many people who want their braces to be less conspicuous for aesthetic or professional reason prefer clear ceramic braces.

Lingual Braces in Bhopal

It is also known as ‘inside braces’ because it is placed on the inner aspect of the tooth as compared to regular ‘outside ones’. They have been known to cut up the surrounding areas of your mouth a bit and be uncomfortable, however, this form of braces is relatively popular among celebrities and spokesperson around the for their invisible appearance while working the same way traditional braces do. It is also common to have lingual braces on upper jaw of teeth and then traditional on the bottom jaw.

Invisible or Invisalign in Bhopal

Invisible braces consist of a series of 18-30 custom made, mouth guard like clear plastic aligners. These aligners are custom made to specifically fit an individual. These set of aligners are changed every two weeks. They are a major boost in the field of cosmetic dentistry. By using aligners, teeth shift with each new aligners given until the results are optimal. The average cost of these invisible braces starts from Rs. 1lakh, so if budget is of importance, then you may want to avoid these.

What to do in a Dental Emergency

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