Dental Implant Treatment in Bhopal

A dental implant is a tiny post made of titanium that acts as a replacement for the tooth’s root. These are placed into the bone using specialised instruments and are capable of bearing the loads of chewing and eating like a natural tooth/teeth. An abutment is a connection that is attached to the top of the dental implant which receives a specifically manufactured crown, bridge or prosthesis that replaces the upper portion of the tooth to precisely match your original teeth.

Cure One Dental Clinic is one of Bhopal largest dental implant clinics. Our dental treatment involves placing the implant in the jaw bone to replace one or two damaged teeth.

They are also used to more efficiently maintain dentures, and patients who have dental implants retained by them are very comfortable with the additional protection and convenience they offer. Cure One Dental Clinics is the highest-quality and most cost-effective dental implant facility in Bhopal, with a treatment package tailored to your specific needs.

We will happy to satisfied your expectations at our Cure One  dental clinic in Bhopal
Implants may be right for you if you have:

  • One or more missing teeth
  • A jawbone that’s reached full growth
  • Sufficient bone to secure the implants
  • Healthy oral tissues

Frequently Asked Question

You can replace a single tooth, many teeth or all teeth with implants.

Most of the people find dental implant surgery easy to tolerate.

Dental implants are the natural-looking and natural-feeling replacement for missing teeth. It helps keep jawbone healthy so that the facial shape stays intact.

Yes, implants are a great and clever long-term solution for children who have miss permanent teeth due to damaged or accident. The dentist will wait to execute the method until the child’s facial growth and development has been completed.

What to do in a Dental Emergency

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